New Options to Beat the Summer

In the hot summer, there are many ways to cool down the temperature, the most direct and effective is air conditioning,electric fan and other electrical appliances.

In recent years, different from air conditioning and electric fan, more cost-effective and more convenient air cooler fan has appear, so that people have a good choice.

Air cooler fan, also called cold air fan, it is between air conditioning and electric fan. They can be used like electric fan, but also use water and ice crystals to achieve cooling similar to air conditioning. Although there is no compressor, the air cooler fan itself can not cool, can not achieve the cooling effect like air conditioning, but its using water or ice crystal as the medium, send out the temperature as the water degree of the wind, cooling effect is much better than the ordinary electric fan.

1200F-1L application

1. From the price point of view, the price of air cooler fan is between air conditioning and electric fan, which are cheaper than air conditioning and slightly more expensive than ordinary electric fan. Compared with air conditioning, air cooler fan power is much more relatively small and low electricity consumption, for some do not install air conditioning or reluctant to open air conditioning family is a good choice. According to the minimum wage standard of Paris, France is 1600 euros (equivalent to 11049 yuan), after deducting taxes and fees, a couple can only earn about 2800 euros (equivalent to 19,336 yuan) a month, but the cost of air conditioning plus installation costs can occupy at least a quarter, "if the 100 square meters (practical area) of the house to install air conditioning, The air conditioner itself costs around 10,000 euros (68,977 yuan) plus installation costs."

2. The cooling effect is stronger than the ordinary electric fan. Ordinary electric fan just blow the wind, the hotter the weather, the hotter the wind; And air cooler fan can use water or ice crystals to send cooling wind out. Although they cannot reach the cooling effect for whole room like air conditioning, but they can also cool the surrounding air in a small amplitude,to cut down 6-8degree.

3. The volume of air cooler fan size is not big, similar to that of ordinary electric fan. It does not need external machine, and can be easily moved without taking up too much space.

4. Air cooler fan do not need confined Spaces. Compared with air conditioning, the wind of air cooler fan is more natural, and there is no hidden danger of air conditioning diseases.

5. The function of air cooler fan is relatively complete, but also can play the role of humidifier, dust removal, humidification, air purification effect, more suitable for dry places. But for some elderly people with rheumatism, it is not recommended to use air cooler fan for a long time, because the humid environment is easy to induce rheumatism in the elderly.


Post time: Dec-07-2022